Tuesday, 23 September 2014

UKID at The Hobgoblin.

This every day set of speakers has been transformed into something special by a graffiti artist (I'll have to try and track him down) for UKID who were headlining at The Hobgoblin on Saturday. It's the third time I've seen them.

I shouldn't like them - they mix heavy metal (which isn't me) with DJ Culture (which I'm far too old for). But it's great - this is what you get;

This is Ben-Jah on vocals;

UKID are Ben-Jah (Lead Vocals), Glenn (Guitar), KJ (Bass) and Joey (Drums). There's politics, social comment but most of all loads of action;

This is Joey on drums - with some really great artwork by the same artist on the bass drum.

UKID are exciting, original and have important things to say - check out their website and Facebook page....just do a search.

Their videos are on YouTube - have a look.

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  1. The artist is Luvm

    1. Many thanks for that - if you are in contact with him/her pass on my best wishes.

      I was in Paris for a day the other week and posted a few of the things I saw on this page;