Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Pink Car rally 2014 - for The Little Princess trust.

Silly old fool, standing on a bridge over the M25 getting hooted at.

Half the cars hooting at me don't want me to jump off, the other half are bored and want me to.

I'm not there for that, I'm waiting for The Pink Car Rally to come through on their way to the finish line at Langley.

Here they are, waving at me;

It's an annual event; a two day rally driving the 120 miles around the M25 orbital motorway (why not? - it's there you might as well) to raise money for The Little Princess Trust.

I just loved The Luv Bug;

The Trust raises money to provide wigs for little girls who've had Chemotherapy, it's something the NHS should be doing better.

Youngsters are vulnerable at that time, so it does important work as does The Teenage Cancer Trust.

You can be unlucky and get uncaring doctors, you can be really lucky and get doctors who go the extra mile for you; either way Oncology is a cold place to be - anyone who cares enough to try to do something about it deserves a wave from me.

I got Pom-Pomed too - I suspect there were some high heels and some sequins too in some of the cars.


When I have Chemo I'm going to act my age (13) and I'll be wearing a 'No Fear' urban beanie hat, when I can track one down, that is.

Here's the link to the Pink Page;

Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)



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