Thursday, 4 February 2016

62000 Thanx!

We had a fairly good day - even though I was feeling a bit ill.

I hit 62000 views a couple of days ago, for which I thank you. The point of all that has always been to keep this Blog! up in the search results for St. Peters, which it does.

Best of all in the morning Robyn's residency card arrived from the Home office - she can stay till 2018 which is an enormous relief.

Even better in the afternoon a second courier turned up .......with Robyn's passport.

Now we can run away.

Or we could if I was feeling a bit better.

We both thought that we recognised the couriers - we had a few horrible documents turning up during the appeal process.

This time they were really cheerful as if they knew what was inside.

Which I'm guessing they did.

We are very lucky indeed.

Neil Harris
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