Monday, 22 February 2016

Wedding madness.

Sunday was just 'Wedding madness'.

We went to three wedding fairs in four hours;

It would be fair to say that I probably peaked too soon.

I think I finally lost it when I found myself talking to someone in a red jacket who wanted us to pay him to be 'Master of Ceremonies'.

There were lots of cakes;

And flowers;

But how two very different people who want two very different weddings are going to put together something we can both enjoy is going to be really difficult.

We also seem to have started preparing a year too late.

And, it would make a lot more sense to do this abroad where all our relatives are. The only problem with that is that Dr Feelgood seems to think I may have left it a bit too late to travel.


And time is short too.

I came home and ended up collapsed in front of the T.V. for about 12 didn't help.

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