Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Charing Cross Hospital 1962.

I'm not so well at the moment and thoughts have been turning to hospitals - this is Charing Cross Hospital's Christmas Day menu from 1962, which has just been put up for display in the entrance hall.

As you can see, it's from a different world;

For a start, it's printed into a Christmas card.

Secondly, even if the kitchens were a long way away and the food may well have got cold, it's clearly meant to be a real treat.

These days 'Sodexo' has the catering contract and the food is bland, boring and there isn't enough of it. The staff are low paid and not very well motivated while the corporate profits are big. I doubt that Christmas day comes anywhere close to this.

It's not all wonderful, I'm not sure what 'Russian Salad' was but I fear it contained a lot of beetroot. Also there are no options for ethnic minorities and no real vegetarian choices.

Then again 'Beer and cider'; that must have brought out a smile or too.

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