Saturday, 20 February 2016

63000 rather groggy thanx!

Friday was all going so well down at Chemotherapy - we were there in good time for my 11-00 am appointment, got in fairly quickly and I even managed to take a silly selfie to say thank you for the Blog reaching 63000!

Unfortunately, about 5 minutes into my second dose of Chemo I went into full scale Anaphylactic shock as my body had a major allergic reaction to the drugs.

I went bright scarlet/orange all over - Robyn tells me it was the colour of her headphones and that's pretty fluorescent I can tell you.
I lost vision and my blood pressure fell through the floor very quickly.

I was certainly aware that everything was going wrong; my last memory is that I was wearing a pair of socks I bought very cheap at Sports Direct but that I didn't want to die with them on because the symbol doesn't reflect my views!

I was going to ask Robyn to take them off but I took one look at her and realised that wasn't going to go down very well with her.

This is our friend Paul, he switched over to this specialism last year when I was having infusions for my back - this was his first Anaphylactic shock too - he's pumping in the oxygen here and trying not to pose too much.

I told him that I get all the side effects - if he sticks with me I'll take him through the whole manual.

Luckily, the injections worked.

Robyn took this one as I'm coming out of it.

Got my hat back on!

We worked out that I must have been unconscious for about 5 minutes.

My 11 00am and free for the rest of the day turned onto getting out at 6 00pm but the ECG was OK and I'm still on Chemo.

Now, when we got home did I;

a) sit down in my armchair with a nice warming milk based drink and put my feet up to some comforting Mantovani on the record player?

b) Go out for the evening and do something incredible?

Find out tomorrow.

Neil Harris
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