Friday, 19 February 2016

Grumpy Neil.

Endless waiting!

Blood tests done at last - I'm due back tomorrow morning for my second dose of Chemotherapy.

Today was exhausting, not so much because we had to struggle up to town to see Dr Feelgood but because I had to get to my GP to collect a separate prescription, then get to Tesco's to get that sorted and do the shopping because I won't be able to do that tomorrow.

We staggered back at 4pm, tired out, just in time for lunch.

Now I'm OD'ing on steroids ready for tomorrow.

Worst of all, yesterday when we could have done something I was ill and it was raining while today when I was OK and it was sunny we were stuck at hospital.

And the chances of getting a holiday somewhere exciting are beginning to look more and more remote.

I am a bit grumpy at the moment.

Neil Harris
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