Saturday, 27 February 2016

My penknife.

Well I'm still ill and in a foul mood too.

So I messed about with my penknife which I've owned for so long I can't remember how I got it.

I could have bought it from a jumble sale or I may have inherited it from my dad. In which case it's the only thing he ever left me!

I think it could have been his because he had a habit of snapping off the point on knives and this one had lost it's point that way.

I've sharpened it over the years and gradually worked the blunt end back into a point. I suppose I could have filed it down quickly but I never bothered. I got there in the end anyway.

As you can see, it's shortened the knife considerably in the process;

Then I thought I'd take a closer look;

Which looks quite tidy but if you look in another light;

You can see that a sharp blade is actually a ridge of teeth.

I cheated with these photos, taking the pictures as close up as I could manage and then enlarging them as far as I could.

Under a microscope the blade would look like a mountain range.

I was marginally better yesterday, I'm hoping to be doing something again soon.

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