Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Bacon sandwich day.

There's no fool like an old fool - I had a difficult day and then because I wasn't feeling too bad I went and added a couple more chores as well, which turned out to be big mistake.

At lunchtime I was back at Charing Cross Hospital at Radiology - I've been there a couple of times before.

Back in 2013 I had a little dose of cosmetic radiation which wasn't a big deal at all.

In 2015, I spent a very unhappy week at Wexham Park Hospital, screaming in agony because they were unable to control my pain. At the time my backbone was crumbling on me; every vertebrae was damaged, quite a few seriously so.

Wexham actually didn't realise what was happening or how to deal with it - luckily for me I had an appointment with Dr Feelgood at Charing Cross and got sent up there by ambulance.

Dr Feelgood refused to let me go back.

When I got there I discovered that my cancer had spread up my spine and I needed emergency radiotherapy. So, I turned up at Radiology on a stretcher, had my chest tattooed and then a scan.

By the next morning Dr Feelgood realised that Wexham really didn't have a clue and I got the all clear. At the same time, the agonising pain was brought under control and I started the slow process of getting back on my feet.

So I never got zapped although I still have the tattoo.

This time it's for real; I got fitted up with a really cool protective facemask which was moulded to my face as a hot thermoplastic.

I can keep it when they've finished and I've already decided how I'm going to use it on the Blog!

Next week I've got five visits to be zapped, but today I just had another scan.

The main problem was I had to lie on a hard flat surface which really hurt. And I forgot to bring any water with me and even forgot to get a drink before we left the hospital.

So I got tired out, hurt myself, got dehydrated and worn out and then I overdid it too.

We eventually got home and I collapsed - I slept until the evening.

Now I should explain; I'm on yet another chemotherapy and this time it regularly makes me feel sick, for the first time.

Well there were a few times before but not like this.

Anyway, this morning I grumbled to Robyn that I'd been awake at night  and was starving hungry. Which is odd because by the time I got up I was feeling sick in time for breakfast.

I told her how I was imagining a bacon sandwich in the early hours; something I never eat now because I'm largely vegetarian.

Then this evening, while I was still drowsing in a chair, trying to move my legs to shake off the pain, Robyn brought me a bacon sandwich - she'd sneaked off and bought a packet of bacon while I wasn't looking.

I'm not going to make a habit of it because I'm proud to be 'largely' vegetarian but it was a real kindness.

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