Thursday, 2 February 2017

Lost day.

I lost 24 hours somewhere, not sure where. Yesterday after a night of not sleeping I woke up with a splitting headache and feeling like cr*p. In fact it felt like I had a red hot poker inserted into my left eye for the whole day. There was a load of pain too!

I think my body is starting to react to the Chemotherapy - it's been over a year now without a break. I'm not grumbling because it slowed down the cancer but none of it actually worked as it was supposed to.

I'm on the third variety now - each has had it's own different side effects.

We had been due to do something yesterday but I just wasn't up to it, although in the evening I was able to drive Robyn to the Hounslow Homeless shelter to deliver a huge lasagne that she'd baked for them.

We used to help out there but they have lots of volunteers now and I'm not a lot of use any more.

But I made it.

Anyway, I'm better today.

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