Friday, 3 February 2017

Sydney the cat.

It's got to be said that my relationship with Sydney the Cat has not improved, which isn't really surprising - I grew up with dogs and have never understood cats.

Mind you, I understand her a lot better now.

Whenever I do something she doesn't like, Sydney now goes over to the printer by the TV and sits there with her back to us, occasionally flapping her tail which is something she only does when she is angry. She can keep this up for quite a time, except that after a few moments we usually burst out laughing.

Which probably wasn't the outcome that Sydney was looking for.

It's a shame because a couple of weeks ago I thought I'd made a breakthrough. Every night, just before I went to bed, Sydney would get up onto the settee next to my chair, come over and sniff my head, then I'd give her a treat.

I did suspect that she was only checking whether I was still alive......but it was a start.

Now all that happens is that if she doesn't run out of the room she's over by the printer with her back to me, flapping her tail occasionally.

Still some way to go, I fear.

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  1. She likes you, she'd just won't let you know that.