Friday, 24 February 2017

Doris and worse.

I spent a few days making fun of 'Storm Dora' which was supposed to be headed our way.

In fact it was quite bad; a big tree on our road came down and blocked the road until it got cleared. The railway line was also cut near us and at Tesco's I had difficulty walking, it was so bad.

Mind you I am a bit of  wimp these days.

This morning I was being sick at breakfast after a bad night and I damaged my back in the process. I've been through this before (broke my back) and I'm quite worried about it. At the moment I'm just in quite a lot of pain but I need to keep an eye on it and rest it as much as I can.

Which won't be easy with 5 days of radiotherapy coming up.

Wish me luck!

Neil Harris
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  1. Ooh, feel better. Take it easy and good luck with the radiotherapy.