Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Peaked too soon.

Come Monday and we made it to our Jazz Club at The Red Lion, Isleworth but I had definitely peaked too soon!

I'd still been feeling good and did a fair amount of stuff during the day including going for a walk in the afternoon but by the time I got to the pub I was out of it; I spent the first half squirming in pain and part of the second asleep.

All of which was very unfair to the musicians who were Trevor Tomkins on drums, Alec Dankworth on bass and Alex Hutton on keyboards.

New to me were Robbie Robson on trumpet and Frank Griffith on Sax;

I was some way under the weather and didn't respond too well to Frank's cheerful jokes but his playing was good.

And Robbie Robson had me warming to the trumpet, never my favourite instrument.

I enjoyed the Dexter Gordon piece they played and 'The Duke' written by Dave Brubeck but owing a lot more to the Miles Davis cover version this time.

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