Saturday, 18 February 2017

Hospital blues.

I was up at hospital again, got another bad result after a couple of months when it wasn't too bad. The last chemotherapy failed and we've cancelled the rest of the course.

Dr Feelgood has been rummaging through the cupboard at the back of the pharmacy - that's the one that's all dusty and full of old Christmas decorations, unread memos and empty lager bottles left over from the last time England won a football game that mattered.

Somewhere on the back shelf is a long forgotten chemo from before they developed the good ones (that didn't work for me).

It's not going to do anything dramatic for me but, hopefully I'll get some time and some laughs out of it.

I must admit I was beginning to get a bit jaded with the last one - the side effects were starting to build up on me and it cost nearly £4000 a dose.

Since July that's about £40,000 the National Health Service has spent on me.

I've also got a little course of radiotherapy to look forward to but I am hoping to get a really good selfie out of it!

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