Friday, 8 November 2013


l 9000!

That’s quite something… can look through the archive of this Blog and see how I celebrated every time we hit a milestone. I’m celebrating this time but quietly.  I may not be so well but 9000 is still one heck of a milestone and it’s also a major step towards reaching 10,000.

Now that always looked like Everest to me; an unattainable mountain at the far end of an endless valley.

It’s nearly a year since I started all this and every page I’ve Blogged hides a struggle or an adventure, and only some of them made it onto the screen.

From flyposting on crutches in the sleet of winter to phoning in to radio programmes, to boring every poor soul I meet about my Blog. There’s been a bit of good old fashioned law breaking (Tee Hee!) and a lot of hard work too.

l 9000!

Every reader has been fought for and every page view is a fleck of gold dust panned from a mighty river.


Because a hospital that sends a patient home for a week with an untreated, dislocated, fractured ankle should not be allowed to forget what it did and should not be given any peace until it puts into place staff and structures to prevent such a thing to happening again.

If I haven’t gone away, it’s because the problem hasn’t gone away.

Thanks to all of you and especially everyone who has helped keep me on my feet.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

l 9000!


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