Friday, 29 November 2013

Thanks, SkaSouls.

It’s been a very grim week – my poor old Mum in hospital and very ill. I’ve been keeping a sad vigil every day, unable to do anything to help, watching as things get worse.

This evening I cracked and had to get out – I went to see the SkaSouls down at the Riverside club in Staines.


Of course, I was never going to be in the mood for it even though they were on top, top form. It’s not just my poor Mum, I’m also unable to drink or dance. Well, I didn’t drink anyway.

It was a shame as the band had a great sound and put on a really tight performance. The brass section was better than ever and the reggae beat was stronger and sharper. I think they’ve all been rehearsing hard. They’ve certainly had a load of gigs recently, even pulling in a crowd of 500 at the Thorpe Park show, which I missed.

It was sad too because they are off to Brixton next week (Brixton Hootenanny on the 3rd) but I’m unlikely to be there. And I feel they are on the brink of making it big, which is always bittersweet for local fans.

While it couldn’t be a happy night for me, it was certainly happy for the crowd, dancing away to some fine Ska from the 60’s and from the 70’s revival.


In a way I’m glad I went – the new programme at the club isn’t really my kind of music although I suspect I may pop in sometimes.

So in many ways it was goodbye and thanks for some wonderful memories and my memories from the summer are good ones.
And what's to come? Two fingers to all that.   

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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