Sunday, 10 November 2013

The High-s.



I’ve been banned from dancing for 15 days now and I’m three days into the drinking ban. How come a glass of Coke costs as much as a beer?


It’s high time I got a second opinion. I understand Dr Feelgood comes highly recommended.

It’s Saturday night and I’m heading back to The Sun in Englefield Green. I was there back in September and I've come back for more.
I was due to see some comrades in arms but health got in the way so instead it’s got to be MOD night with The High-s:

That's right it’s the world of ‘Jam Shoes’ and loafers with tassles. Straight ties and narrow trousers. Only it’s happening in a tiny, country pub in the middle of nowhere.

And I’m having to take it easy, following the rules, not getting carried away. Not dancing. Which wasn’t so easy tonight.

I’m with a high octane MOD band churning through the hits of The Who, The Faces, The Kinks and the Jam.

Stage? They’ve got a corner to play in. They definitely need a stage and room for a proper audience. And I think they may be getting one at The Ace Café on the North Circular Road on the 5th December (check the date with lemonrock before you travel). It’s a night of 6T’s nostalgia and a ‘Minimeet’ at the home of Rockers and Bikers – age has obviously mellowed them.

I've caught several of the local MOD bands now, a few to go and as I said back in September, I was hoping to run with it as long as I could. Still running!
Back in the country, I even got Booker T and the MG’s ‘Green Onions’, which, even if there was no Hammond organ, went some way to making up for The James Taylor Quartet cancelling their Brighton gig at the Concorde 2 nightclub on Friday.
The High's are at their best doing 1960's hardline Rhythm and Blues; early Who/High numbers, The Small Faces, but The Jam were there too. The Eton Rifles, David Watts and their fast and furious version of 'Heatwave'. It was a good night with something like 4 encores to enjoy. 

I’m not bitter, not really. At least not after Saturday night. Anyway I've put a link to my MOD page just in case this doesn't make any sense. (if it doesn't work, cut 'n paste it into search)

Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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  1. Hi Neil. Tim from Riverside club here. Hadn't seen you for a couple of weeks at so just wondered if you'd seen that the f'book page has gone viral! Well not up to your blog's standards, but 24 'likes' means that there are some definite fans apart from my family! Hope to see you for Cliff and his cast of thousands. Cheers Tim