Saturday, 2 November 2013

All in the mix.

That was a tiring afternoon, baking a cake.


Actually, I was baking my own birthday cake with my 94 year old Mum. She can’t do it herself anymore but she insisted on doing one (or at least directing me) and her recipe book, which is older than I am, is actually worn out – you can’t read the weights anymore because fingers have worn the paper through.

Now, I’ve never baked a proper grown up fruit cake before and we were missing a number of apparently vital ingredients as set out by Delia Smith in her book. And all I know about baking cakes is you don’t mess with Delia. She did the cake on the cover of The Rolling Stones record ‘Let it Bleed. So it was all a bit fraught and a bit hit and miss.


It was a long old afternoon – hard work and lots of arguments. Flour flying all around and more dirty bowls than I’ve ever seen or washed up before. Boy can we argue.

I don’t know, it actually came out looking like a cake, rather than like a biscuit which is what I expected. I very much doubt it’s going to eat like one but who knows? I’m pretty sure we got the amounts of what we did have wrong.

Perhaps if we smother it with brandy it’ll be OK.


Either way it was a special day.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


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  1. Hello Neil . I can imagine what it was like you and your Mum. Something out of a comedy book from an outside view not the same for you two. glad i was not there i would have gone and hid . HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Monday.