Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Two hospitals, no music.

Oh dear. I should be writing about a great night at my jazz club enjoying another stunning performance from Alan Barnes – standing room only. Loading photos over a low bandwidth (will it never go through?).

Unfortunately someone else will have had my seat. I had to go to Charing Cross Hospital, to start a new and very expensive course of treatment. I don’t have too many hopes about that.

Long delays and problems. Not least, the hospital has privatised its pharmacy. I could make a nasty remark about how the profit making pharmacy took longer than the old NHS pharmacy (it did) but it’s complicated by what I was being given and how it was being paid for, as well as other things which made it out of the ordinary.

But I also had a series of great conversations with other patients and learnt a lot about the NHS from them. I also marvelled at how a caring Sister and her staff dealt with the huge queues of people when all the Doctors were held up in traffic – they came round with hot drinks and kind words. The atmosphere melted.

It didn’t end there – this was an appointment I couldn’t cancel – I’d finished my old treatment a week ago and needed to start the new one. I also desperately needed another medication. So there was no alternative. Well there was, but not one with a happy ending. I also had people to see who have always gone the extra mile for me.

Unfortunately, that meant leaving my 94 year old Mum with her Doctor who had just called for an ambulance to take her to Wexham Park Hospital.

So not a happy day. There’s me in Hammersmith, her in Slough. And my blood pressure was going through the roof.

I got back home at 7pm to do an injection, grab a slice of toast and get off to the second hospital of the day to see my Mum. I was shattered.

Now it’s the next morning.

Had a relaxed breakfast and I’m chillin’ on the net.

If I wasn’t worrying about my Mum, it would be like a holiday. Thinking about all the people who made a special effort for us yesterday.

Neil Harris

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