Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Colchester General Hospital

The scandal at Colchester General Hospital is a real disgrace – staff bullied into altering patient records so that it appeared that cancer patients were being treated within the time limits when they weren’t.

Lives have been lost – again.

This time the police are being called in and it’s right that they are. It is an offence of fraud – altering records for someone’s gain or to cause someone’s loss. Normally I’m against the involvement of the criminal law in health matters, not this time.

I put a more serious posting on ‘my seriously boring blog';

And yesterday for the first time ever, even though it is seriously boring, it got more hits than this one did. Then again, it’s more serious than St. Peter’s in Chertsey sending me home for a week with a broken, dislocated ankle or ‘losing’ the audio recording of my meeting with the clinician from Accident and Emergency.

Feels good and while it is serious…..then again…



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