Thursday, 21 November 2013

Introducing my new hhhhhhomburg.

Back in May I was warned I was about to do Chemotherapy and that started an urgent hunt for a suitable hat – it’s a fairly important style accessory; ‘Cancer Chic’.

Had lots of fun with all that, ending up finally with burning an old and much disliked hat in July. Good days (or at least moments) in bright sunshine. Just in time and by accident I found a really good hat in a charity shop. Even better, I got given a little more time and so the time for wearing it got put back.

Since then I’ve been keeping that hat for best, wearing a rather elderly and battered (very suitable you might think) ‘Porkpie’ hat. It’s been to loads of concerts with me and has been subject to various offers, including offers to buy it and attempts to steal it.

It’s a tough job, wearing a cool hat.

Now sadly, it has seen better days (also like me, you may think).

Unfortunately chemo-day is now approaching again. Today, I had run away to escape from my troubles and wandered into some charity shops on my way to

Caffe nero


and I found another brand new Uni-qlo hat. This time a hhhhh-Homburg (not ideal but not as bad as a dreadful Trilby) and only £3-99!

So the Porkpie hat goes into semi-retirement, only to appear again at Ska time!

And once again I am ready for anything.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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