Friday, 22 November 2013

Bad thoughts.

Thursday was a day of guilty thoughts. I’m entitled to have bad thoughts, just like anyone else. I think it’s all down to lack of live music. And alcohol.

I paid a visit to a nearby town where you will find the offices of a former employer of mine. They were rotten employers – they treated me very badly – as they did most of their staff.

They also had a change of strategy. Instead of having 17 offices as they did when I joined them, they slimmed down to only two branches at the time they got rid of me. They also got rid of all their poor and vulnerable clients, the kind of people I represented.

Then soon they were down to just one luxury office in an upmarket area, to concentrate on their wealthy clients.

Then a fortnight ago they had a fire, no one was hurt. It looks like it was an electrical fire, starting in the basement. That’s a shame.

I passed by them today and cast a look across the street. So sad. I did think of having a collection for them on the high street.

They are held in such high regard by their former clients and the large army of their former employees that people would soon be queuing up to contribute money to them, I’m sure.

Better thoughts tomorrow, hopefully.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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