Monday, 3 March 2014

A stranger in a strange land, Part 1 - Cage of Bones and Second Rate Angels at the Hobgoblin.

Saturday night ought to be about being cool, catching some great sounds, checking out bands you like. This week I was heading somewhere else - the land of heavy metal. Not my kind of thing at all. Not my world.

Well, I can't travel and as the whole point of travelling is to visit unusual peoples and different cultures, I might as well do that here. Life is all about having new experiences.

Heavy metal

This week I headed down to The Hob  for a line up of 4 heavy metal bands. Apart from a friend who forced me to go and see ACDC in the 1970's, it's a very strange land for me. Very strange indeed.

And as I'm a no compromise sort of person, I'm in full MOD gear too.

Actually, I'd had a tip to go and see the headliners '44 Fires' and I thought I might as well catch the other three as well. I'll do the 'Fires' review tomorrow, but remember that as this isn't my scene at all, I'm not about to make ignorant comments about bands which have put in a lot of hard work.

This is 'Cage of Bones' - I don't think hard line metal people would go for them.

They were melodic and thoughtful even if a drumstick or two flew off and the guitars were flirting with feedback. Of course, they did a 'Megadeath' number but I enjoyed their metallic version of The Police's 'Walking on the Moon'. 

This is different;

This is 'Second Rate Angels', long hair, 'horn' signs, arrow guitars, the full head banging scene.

Ouch! Call me an ambulance;

And how about this for a guitar hero;

As I said, none of this is my thing at all, so I'm not going to judge. All I can say is that a 3 hour evening seemed to go in about 10 minutes - so something was going right. if you click on any photo, Blogger will give you a slideshow with a bit better quality.
Tomorrow I'll review 48 Hours and 44 Fires. Prepare yourself for a shock!
Here's a clue;

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