Friday, 7 March 2014

The Reggulaters at The Horns, Watford.


The reggulaters


You have no idea how bad a day I had – a whole day driving up and down and round and round, with a bad back trying to sort things out for my Mum before she comes out of hospital. No food, lifting things I shouldn’t lift, waiting and driving and driving and waiting.

I collapsed at about 4 o’clock and woke up at 7 30pm feeling ill and lousy.

By 8 00 I was aching and off, driving more miles around the M25 to Watford.

When you’re ill and fed up even Watford is exciting.

On Thursday it wasn’t exciting, it was great.




For a long time I’ve either been ill or there were problems and I missed this band. Hardline Ska and Rock Steady from the extensive back catalogue of the Trojan Record label, including some that I haven’t come across.

This was very much the ‘spirit of 1969’, which is not really my thing – hardline Skinhead stuff.

But Skinheads have changed a lot over the years. The Watford Skins gave this lone mod from out of town a really friendly welcome.


As you would expect, a lot of classic stompin’ stuff – Desmond Dekker’s ‘It Mek’, ‘007’ and ‘The Israelites’. There was Toots and a lot more besides.

But when a band plays ‘The Upsetters’ ‘Return of Django’ there is no hope for me. It is still the coolest song ever written. Am I wrong?

I was deeply envious of the three ladies who were celebrating before heading for Great Yarmouth for a long weekend. That’s ‘Skamouth’ – three days of Ska, Rock Steady, Reggae and I suspect a certain amount of mayhem and madness.

This band may come from Kentish Town but they often play as far west as Hayes and (subject to the odd health problem) I’m going to be there to see them again. Their Ska is pre Reggae but also ignores the whole Two-Tone influence of my youth. This is heavy on the bass, heavy on the Skank, a real labour of love.
The word I'm searching for is authentic.


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


  1. Hi, Thanks, nice to read this. Don't miss our next gig at the Horns on Saturday 20th August ,
    Alan, Reggulaters keyboard player

    1. I hope to be there!
      Nice to hear from you.