Sunday, 23 March 2014

Hitting Hayes.

The HighsF

Friday night found me in Hayes, wondering why it’s taken me three months to see The Highs again.

If your interest is 1960’s British Rythym and Blues, 1970’s MOD revival and The Jam, 1990’s Paul Weller or a smattering of Northern Soul – this is the band for you.

I hit Hayes with a hacking cough, some recent bad news, it was cold and raining on me – what a grouse. I still had a great time;

There was The Who, The Spenser Davis Group, The Small Faces and of course, The Jam.

As the rain was blowing along The Uxbridge Road I was enjoying ‘A Town Called Malice’ for all the wrong reasons.

Some of my favourites were the instrumental numbers; ‘Green Onions’ and ‘Sliced Tomatoes’ and then there was Martha and the Vandela’s ‘Heatwave’ played with all the pace of The Jam’s final e.p. ‘Beat Surrender’.

It’s always a great night with The High-s  and if you want to find out just how great that is, you can catch them free on the 19th April at The Sun. Over Easter they are one of the bands playing Brighton Pier to commemorate 50 years of The Mods.

Nice one.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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