Saturday, 1 March 2014


The skaS0uLs

The car park was full and every nook on the main road had a car crammed into it. The pub was rammed full for a night of Ska.

Mr Fred Perry, Mr Ben Sherman, Mr Harrington had all decided this was the place to be. There was even medical help available in the person of Dr Martens.

And me?

For me the only place is up front.

Of course I’m paying for it now

But some of my problems are  solved – the NHS has rallied round to help me out. My Mum is back in hospital and I am really grateful to the G.P. who fought for a bed for her, the care workers who could see I was losing it, the ambulance crews I had to call out for her after my back went (ouch! That’s just not fair) and everybody else who helped.

I came out of hospital, got a bite to eat, had an injection and fell asleep for a solid 3 hours before I went out.

And what did I look like? A bit like these two that’s what;

Once again, thanks SkaSouls.


Neil Harris
(a don't stop [ouch!] till you drop [ouch!] production)



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