Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A Stranger in a Strange land Part 2 - 48 Hours and 44 Fires at The Hobgoblin.

As I explained yesterday, this MOD decided to go to The Hobgoblin on Saturday to try out something new and very strange for me. This was;

Heavy metal
Not my sort of thing at all but I was there because 44 Fires had been recommended to me.

48 Hours, now that was good. Hard and heavy without being mindless metal;

Energy and action;

Smash it up, rage and fury;

This old punk rather liked that. But not as much as he liked;


What's this lurking in the bag?

This was what's called 'Political metal' and I checked them out; they did a benefit concert for 'Occupy'. This is how they describe themselves; 

The 44 FIRES are a political Metal group,waking minds through our music. Bring groups together to form an army to bring the elite to their knees ...we spawned from the different styles of music we all grew up listening to, from Corrosion of conformity to soundgarden, Megadeth & Metallica to Rage against the Machine, Pantera to Clutch. This has made us into the band we are today.

So come join us fight for the world.....From those ashes the 44 Fires have risen, and with enough political metal to melt your face we are now ready to start ripping up stages around the world…so be ready .


      Brian Small Vocals

       Jay Franklin Guitar

       Tony Hampton Bass

       Aaron Beard Drums







       Rage Against The Machine



       Alice in Chains

And there was real live Political Theatre;

Here's the lead singer;

These were angry songs about giant corporations and all the attacks on our freedoms. Good bass line too;

And all the way through, a little bit of this;

In spite of the Heavy Metal influences, the '44 Fires' gave me a set full of excitement, full of anger and idealism which I really enjoyed. Mind you I always preferred to do my subversion in a collar and tie but that's another story. If you click on any picture Blogger will give you a slideshow with a little better quality.

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