Monday, 24 March 2014

Scott Freeman and Girl in the Garden at The Hobgoblin.


Saturday at The Hob was a night of (to me) grungy, garagey, thrash at the top of its voice. This is Girl in The Garden;

And their lead singer:


Scott Freeman from Shepperton started it all off – but he wasn't grungy, wasn't garagey. Not bad either.

  – an acoustic guitar, a beard and irrepressibly cheerful?  Not what I was looking for. And, no I don't like audience participation either.
I was sold before he started when both of us were separately miming to Ian Dury on the Juke Box – ‘Sex and Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll’. Unlike everything else, Ian gets better with age.

Scott was irrepressible, a ball of thumping energy singing his own songs at the top of his voice.

All he needed was a bit of anger.

That's never going to happen, is it?
Next Saturday I'm back in Hayes - moonstompin' with The Reggulaters.
Mmmmmh, 'Long Shot kikky bucket' and 'the Return of Django', or at least I hope so.

Click on a picture for better quality pictures.
Since I wrote this I discovered I was a month too early for The Reggulaters - 29/4/14. Check it on lemonrock.

You can catch them on 5/4/14, but I've got something even more exciting planned for then....... watch this space....
Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


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