Monday, 31 March 2014

BRD, T and the Mugs and Dead Neck; Punk Night at The Hobgoblin.


I’ve been warned about wallowing in nostalgia on this Blog and normally I go to The Hob to avoid it. This was three faces of Punk all on one night - no escape;

Punk died in 78 or perhaps even earlier, when The Clash signed that contract with CBS. I was at the funeral.

Imagine how surprised I was to find that in fact, Punk caught a plane to the U.S. and its been living out there all this time as a West Coast surfer dude. Who knew?

Then it came back for a trip over just to laugh at all us old men – Hey! Look what it came with; new clothes, a suntan and a surfboard. Is that a teeth job and a new accent? I’m all envious.

This is the angry face of ‘T and the Mugs’ – this is me looking in the mirror;


Their numbers included ‘It’s Bullshit’ and a song in praise of the sawn-off shotgun. Well, it is punk after all and this was all their own stuff, in-your-face-up-for-it punk rock. Who do you know like that?

Why is it that only old men get angry these days? Because it's only old men like me who remember that there is no reason why the world can't be made a better place and we don't understand why nobody else wants to try.

This is ‘Dead Neck’.

Loud and furious but not quite so angry.


But still a bit angry.


This is BRD and it's the full west coast skatepunk thing;

Happy, good time music. Loud and punky but with harmonies and music in there. I had fun and nothing wrong with that - Yo Dude!
OK I'm being spikey because they did a really great version of 'New England' - speeded up tripple time, but then they went and made me feel as old as I am by asking "Does anyone here know Billy Bragg?"

Do you want to know how the 'New England' ep proved to me that the pop charts were fixed and how it was that when I tried to fix them for Billy's next single it turned out that the fix was so big that even I couldn't beat it?


I don't know why I bother.
Spot Paul the Sound engineer (second left) playing a mean Bass.
Click on any picture for a slide show and a bit better quality.
Yo dude! SK8!
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production) 

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