Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Five weeks.

I’m taking a day out of my Blog – I’ve got a nasty cold and I’m a bit tired. I’m about 5 days behind on Blogging anyway – it’s been hectic and busy and I’ve run out of steam.

Yesterday I went to see the long suffering Dr Feelgood up at Charing Cross Hospital. It was good news. When I say ‘good’, I don’t mean hollering, whooping, champagne cork-popping good news.

Hope and optimism got left behind a long time ago. This was First World War, mud and guts, shell-shocking, trenchfoot fighting, gas mask fumbling, I’m-just-not-giving-in-to-this-crap, ‘good news’.

But this was good news. The party goes on for another 5 weeks and that’s good enough for me.

Five weeks on my feet and functioning. Five weeks of spring. Five more weeks as a human being.

So, that kind of good news.

I’ll be making more sense tomorrow.
In the meantime, should you be anywhere near Hayes on March 21st, I’ll be celebrating with The High-s, Fabulous MOD band;

Neil Harris

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