Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Leave the lights on; Mr Harris has not yet left the building.

Monday night was very special indeed for me. I made it back to my jazz club – it’s been weeks since I was last there. Either I’d been unable to go due to family problems, or I was ill or just plain worn out.

The week before I’d been ill, I was also recovering from a virus and I hurt my back (ouch! that’s just not fair).

Last weekend I celebrated all that and more by dragging out a room sized carpet heavy with age from under the furniture. Now that’s what I call pain.

Yesterday I took a car load of stuff down to the council recycling dump. Everything hurts.

Monday night? I was with Duke Ellington, Horace Silver, Benny Goodman and John Coltrane (and I do love the ‘trane).
Robbie Robson was on trumpet, Martin Hathaway on the Saxophone;


Malcom Edmonstone on piano, Alec Dankworth, bass and Trevor Tomkins on Drums.

Best of all I was treated to one of my favourite tunes, ‘The Duke’ by Dave Brubeck. This is by way of Miles Davis who did an unforgetable version of this number on his album ‘Miles Ahead’. Anyone of my generation who watched ‘Tomorrow’s World’ on TV, would immediately remember this because this was the incidental music every week.

In a hard, hard week I was very lucky; on Friday I was enjoying a celebration of Rhythm and Blues, last night it was Modern Jazz. On Thursday I was Skankin’ with ‘The Reggulaters’. In the space of a few days I was able to enjoy the three strands that make up the music of the MODs: all that's missing is some sweet, sweet soul. I'm working on that.

You have no idea what a struggle it was but I’ve definitely not left the building, not yet I haven't.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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