Tuesday, 14 October 2014

26000 Thanx.

I took this picture (design by Robyn G. May) on the beach at Bexhill, when I had my two weeks respite care and me and Robyn had some days out because (medical appointment) having a holiday just didn't work out for me.
When my final treatment failed I did think about shutting down the Blog, but there are so many areas of neglect in the NHS that need highlighting (like how a carer with cancer isn't told by the 'family' GP for three years, that there is 4 weeks respite care available every year).......so what I'm saying is that I'm going on, at least for a while.
I can't resist celebrating reaching 26,000 without putting my poem up again, which sort of sums up what the Blog is about - don't let them get away with it;
The Ankle Rankle

 I’ve got a problem

and it’s really starting to rankle.

You see, I hurt my leg

in fact, I broke my ankle.


The problem was my mistake

Oh what would that be?

The ambulance took my break

to St. Peter’s A and E.


Because instead of trying

to fix it there and then.

Some idiot, what was he was doing?

Sent me home again.


You can mess up a finger

You can bugger up a wrist

but only a consultant at St. Peter’s

would think a break was a twist.

The point however, is to actually change things. So far, after 2 years, I haven't. Oh, I complained. I complained everywhere I could. I even forced a half hearted apology out of the overpaid former Chief Executive Andrew Lyles, 'for poor communication'.
But I never got anyone in authority to listen to me; that this wasn't actually just about a silly ankle that there was a deep seated problem at Accident and Emergency.
Well, there still is. In the last year alone there have been two Coroners notices about unsafe practises at the A and E, which, if left as they were, would result in further deaths.
I'm still not happy about the safety of this unit.


On this Blog there are no Finks, Grasses, Stool pigeons or informers.

If you get in touch, your secrets are safe with me.

Hush, hush.

On the quiet.


What can you do?

If you are a Patient; I need case studies of problems with A and E to force the Care Quality Commission to start an investigation.

E-mail me direct.

If you are employed by the Trust;

It’s time to blow the whistle on A and E.

E-mail me direct – privacy guaranteed.

Or you can Post an anonymous comment.

Anybody Else;

read, share, publicise this blog.

 Yeah, I'm going on!
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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