Monday, 27 October 2014

Too much for any shirt to bear.

Three years ago I went to a hospital appointment but to my surprise I was given an unexpected and rather painful biopsy and a junior doctor immediately gave me the news that I had cancer and that it wasn't treatable. I also wasn't going to be around for that long.

I was wearing one of my favourite shirts at the time and ever since then whenever I wear it, it brings back all those unhappy memories again.

I never felt the same way about it again and to avoid doing that to another shirt, I selected just one shirt to wear every time I went to get bad news - and there was plenty of that.

Now I've decided that my 'bad news shirt' has had more bad news than any one shirt can take.

I decided to burn it - mind you, my various easily obtainable household chemicals worked a bit too quickly for my liking.

Hee, Hee!

Neil Harris
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