Sunday, 5 October 2014


After we left The Isle of Sheppey we went to Whitstable which is a fishing harbour on the North kent coast. About 15 years ago, rich and 'fashionable' people discovered it and started staying and buying houses.

The shops changed, the houses got 'prettier' and the character of the town changed too.

I liked the art work above - in 2010 they built a wall of stones enclosed in wire mesh to protect the part of the harbour known as 'Dead men's End' where all the rubbish collects. Locals made these clay plaques which make up a layer of decoration and each one is a bit like its maker.

The town has always been famous for its oyster beds and there are plenty of chances to eat them if you like that sort of thing. It's not for me really....

The seafaring heritage is everywhere;

And it's very much a working harbour still.....there are all the smells of rotting fish and diesel oil that you get where there are working fishing boats;

There's lots of fresh fish to buy although I couldn't help feeling very sorry for the poor lobster tied up and alive, frightened out of it's wits on the slab - they have very good eyesight.

The old fishermens huts have been painted pretty colours and you can rent them to stay in;

And the town is, rightly proud of its fishing heritage which is seen everywhere;

As are oyster shells;

There are lots of old fishing boats to be seen and the houses are divided by little alleys almost like tunnels which are probably part of an old smuggling culture too! 
 This is my favourite because it's the narrowest;
They aren't joking, it's very narrow; 
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Oh and I added a sunset for you from just before we came home.
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)


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