Wednesday, 8 October 2014

My present to you.

You may well have realised that I've got behind with my Blogging - my 'holiday' ended on Sunday. The best part of those days is yet to come.

I'm interrupting that because today I had my monthly appointment at Charing Cross Hospital and I just ran out of luck.

My cancer was always very aggressive and full of energy; I only got a fraction of the time most people get. In reality I was lucky to get as long as I did.

I'm back there in 5 weeks to find out how bad things really are and to get an idea when I go on 'proper' Chemotherapy (the pills I'm on are a kind of mild Chemo without any serious side effects) but I don't need to see a Doctor to know where I stand.

It's difficult to work out what I do with the Blog - I'm not about to give up the fight but at the same time I never wanted this to become just another pathetic cancer Blog.

Anyway, while I make up my mind where I take this or whether I've taken it far enough already; here's a present for you; 

These are 'everlasting sweet peas' and they are one of my favourite flowers.
They are just like sweet peas although they are very different; more wild.
For a start they come up year after year and they also spread by seeds - once you plant them they won't go away easily.
Some people think they are a bit of a weed.
But if you have them in a garden you can 'cut and come again' for most of the summer if you want some little delicate cut flowers.
I love them.
And I've been collecting seeds for you to remember me by; if you want some all you have to do is e-mail me your address and I'll post them to you.
I don't have many, so it will be 'first come first served'. If you really want them, send me something that shows how long you've been reading the Blog because I'd prefer to give them to people who have been with me for a while.
You can plant the seeds anywhere where they have a chance to grow - they do better if they can climb things but they can grow along the ground too.
They will decide whether they like the spot or not - if they do you won't get rid of them and you will have something to remember me by.
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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