Sunday, 12 October 2014

Girl in The Garden at The Hobgoblin.

I'm so far behind with my Blog that I've interrupted myself - Saturday night saw us down at the Hobgoblin in Staines. It was sad really, because the refurbishment that was due in the summer is going ahead.

It means big changes - there will still be music but probably not the kind that's made The Hob so innovative.

It means this year will be the last 'Rockgoblin'......ever!

Last night we had a treat in a pared down '48 Hours', who normally are a loud, vibrant three piece heavy metal band.

Tonight they were down to just two, exchanging an acoustic guitar for metal. Actually it was still more than a bit metallic.

There were a few covers, it wasn't very quiet or restrained....classic Hob band.

Meanwhile, mainlining;

'Girl in the Garden', local band, regulars at The Hob, reunited with their old guitarist and playing in front of all their fans.

It all made for a very special Hobnight;

What always made The Hob special was the opportunity it gave to young bands, that it always chose innovation over what was safe and reliable and even though I usually didn't actually like the music........there was always a spark there.

Saturday night was certainly sparking;

There are some good nights planned from here to Christmas but you had probably better take advantage of them while you can.
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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