Friday, 17 October 2014

Day two of Robyn's campaign to cheer me up; The Funk Foundation.

Sunday and I was depressed again - the happy effect of those ice creams had worn off already.

I didn't want to stay in and I didn't want to go out.

Robyn dragged me out again (for my own good) - and it was miles away. I'm not going to tell you where because the pub staff took our drinks away before we had a chance to finish them - so no plug for you!

We went to see The Funk Foundation and they have this to say about themselves;

Funk Foundation were formed with one purpose - to bring the wonderful groovy and sophisticated vibes of Soul Funk and Acid Jazz to the live music scene. We're a live 5 piece soul funk band with decades of experience playing, performing and loving the music of artists like Chic, Jamiroquai, The Brand New Heavies, Incognito, Jocelyn Brown and Chaka Khan.

Why Soul Funk & Acid Jazz? It's a musican's joy, featuring deep groove, sophisticated arrangements and soulful vocals, all permeated with rhythms, hooks and licks that cause people that love music to spontaneously combust with head nodding, helpless movement and shouts of choooon!

Whilst there's a good scene bubbling away in the big cities it's hard to find live bands out in the real world packing their setlists with music this classy. There's lots of brilliant acts covering rock, indie and party tunes but Funk Foundation serve a different, higher purpose: to make you move, to make you feel the bass, live the rhythm, lose yourself in lyrics and most of all, to bring alive our love for this genre and spread the groove far and wide.

We saw the band back in the summer and while we had fun, it didn't quite live up to the description - more classic soul really.

Mind you, we did dance!

So we gave it another go and this time there was a completely different line up and a different sound too.

It was good;

Guitar and keyboards were the only members we recognised (could be wrong - if so apologies) and certainly they were the heart of the group;

But there was a Thakathakathaka bass as well as a funky drummer; it all added up to classy soul, get on down Funk plus a touch of jazz (well Brand New Heavies type Acid Jazz) - pretty much what the flyer says and very strongly recommended.

Sorry you just can't make out the venue logo on these shots.
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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