Friday, 2 January 2015

A very special person.

         Stephanie Harris 31/7/19 to 1/1/15 
My Mum died on New Year's Day after a long, long struggle which began before Christmas.
I would like to thank Sharon, Elizabeth, Virginia and Maurice for all their help over what was a very difficult time. It meant that my Mum was rarely alone and it meant that her family and closest friends were with her when she died.
Her treatment (as an elderly person) by the Doctors at Wexham Park Hospital has given me plenty to write about but the kindness, care and respect shown by the Nurses and Care workers of Ward three was wonderful.
This amazing picture was taken during the war and it shows Lance Corporal Goldstein looking surprisingly carefree and happy. She had a really tough life but none of that can be seen in her face here. I know she was very proud of it.
She was born and brought up in Germany but was forced to flee Hitler's oppression when she was only 18 years old.
By some miracle she was able to get to Britain where so many others failed.
She joined up when she was allowed to and spent the war as a German citizen in the British army. A very courageous stand to take.
She suffered a lot of prejudice after the war and struggled through it without making a fuss. But everyone who actually got to know her soon realised that she was a very remarkable person.
A very special person indeed.
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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  1. A very remarkable person, a beautiful lady who became my dear friend i shall miss her, love Sharon. xx