Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Double Whammy!

Last night The New York Knicks beat The New Orleans Pelicans 96 – 92 at Madison Square Garden, ending the longest spell of losses you can imagine. They were ahead for most of the game, playing strongly too. I was trying to keep up with the game on an internet dongle – no broadband.

What a night that would have been at The Garden.

My interest in that game is purely because Robyn’s cousin Langston Galloway has just signed a second 10 day contract with the Knicks and we were lucky enough to get to watch him play at the London 02 last week.

Lang done good – he scored a massive 21 points (Joint best score with Camelio Anthony, the Knicks star forward) and was also credited with 3 assists.


There was a lot of pressure on him – The Knicks need to see the light now and offer him a proper contract.

Their next game is on Wednesday against The 76’ers from Philadelphia.

That’s a problem; Robyn and most of her family are from Philly.

Whatever; this Blog stuck its reputation on the line when it called out Lang as the best player on The Knicks team last week.

I don’t often make predictions but that one came good… it’s time for a proper contract. How about it Phil?

The second Whammy? I had to go back to Charing Cross Hospital today. It’s not that clear cut (it never will be from now on) but nothing is happening for another month and I’m not going to grumble over that.

Between now and the beginning of February the nights will get just that little bit lighter and the opportunities for getting into trouble just that little bit easier.

Look on it this way; it’s not 28 days, it’s 282,240 minutes.

A lot can happen in a minute.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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