Thursday, 8 January 2015

Darn it!

On Tuesday, I had to go to Charing Cross Hospital; this is the Henry Moore statue at the front entrance. It is a half size model of his full sized 1962 commission for the Lincoln Centre in New York.

The artist donated this impressive statue in 1978, not long before he died and it fits in well with the 1960's architecture of the hospital.

Unfortunately, my cancer has taken the opportunity to give me a mighty kick to the shins - it's going wrong quite quickly.

I'm waiting for a scan to find out how bad things really are and then (if I'm lucky) a swift dose of chemotherapy.

That will sting a little and it may win me a little time but not too much.

It's difficult to know whether to go on Blogging - I've always felt that cancer is a real bore. I'm not sure I want to boost it's ego by writing about it.

And increasingly, my little world is going to become dominated by this irritating little disease.

On the other hand, Robyn seems determined that we should try and fit in a few more adventures, while we can.

And I don't feel like letting St. Peter's hospital get away with it!

So I'll see how it goes.

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