Friday, 16 January 2015

No Nix Pix yet.

Last night we were lucky enough to have two prized tickets for the New York Knicks vs The Milwaukee Bucks, NBA Basketball game.

We only got to bed at about 1-30 but believe me I'm not complaining.

Except that I had an early start today - had to go for a scan.


I should have put up my pix of the nix but I'm just too tired.

When I was on the Tube going up to Hammersmith I took a quick look at my letter to check the times. I hadn't realised I should have been going to St. Mary's Hospital not Charing Cross.


Luckily I was too early and that gave me time to get there on time. It was a real struggle.

The picture is from one of the corridors in the hospital and is by Eduardo Paolozzi, a pioneer of 'Pop art' and one time tutor to Stu Sutcliffe, the fifth Beatle and John Lennon's friend .

He was a gifted artist and came to Paolozzi's attention before he sadly died of a brain haemorrage.

It's called '52 Pieces for Orchestra (1975) and is provided by The Imperial College Healthcare Charity Art Collection which provides art to the hospitals connected to Imperial College.

The Nix Pix will go up tomorrow when I've had a rest.

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