Saturday, 31 January 2015

Tapestry and Kung Fu Chicken Fighters at The Cave, Addlestone.

Thursday night; despite the cold and a few wisps of snow we were off to The Cave at The Hollybush in Addlestone.

I've been a regular there for a while for a while but this was the busiest I've seen it. Then again, it's no coincidence that The Hobgoblin has closed. Mind you, there were some special offers behind the bar.

I have no idea who the first act was (we were a bit late, if I can find out, I will update) a strong, acoustic guitarist. 

The Kung Fu Chicken Fighters were up from Poole in Dorset and are Mark Leadbetter and Matt Burridge on guitars, Jason Colbert on Drums, Graham Rigler on bass and Robbie Almond on vocals.

Just like The Hob, I often go to The Cave to catch music I probably wouldn't like, if I thought about it. That's how you get to hear new things. I like that.

They play 'Stoner Rock/Funk'...."Like a roundhouse kick to the face from Chuck Norris". Well we got the Funk - in small patches. We also got the stoner rock, not so much my thing though everyone else liked it.

We'd come to see Tapestry who we've seen a few times before at The Hob. By the time they came on there were more than a few Hob regulars in the pub too.

Tapestry describe themselves as an "Alternative Rock band fusing Metal, Indie and Atmospheric Rock to form the unique sound that is tapestry". They are; Simon on drums, Jake (JB) on guitar, Tim guitar, Matt on bass and Alys on vocals.

It's all their own material, it's original and always exciting. The band that comes closest to them (different, I know) are The Wicked Venetians.

Here's Matt who also appears on solo acoustic guitar occasionally;

Anyway, the desperate renegade group of people who found their way to the Hob are probably now going to be finding their way out to The Cave. Which is kind of circular because back in my day you could see bands like The Jam playing there.
And they still have pool tables.
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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