Monday, 5 January 2015

The last ever Hobgoblin.

Saturday and neither of us really wanted to go out anywhere (bad times) but this was the last night at The Hobgoblin, Staines. I've had wonderful times there, I've discovered bands I would never have seen anywhere else; in really bad times it gave me somewhere to escape to.

I thought I'd escape one last time; this is 'The Wonder Beers'.

This band is all about good times - songs about beer and hangovers. Not really what I was about on Saturday but fun all the same.

Then there was 'Tree House Fire';

We saw them a few weeks ago - I was still ill and not really up to it. Anyway they were a whole lot better today - last time they were missing their bass player (on the left).....badly.

No problem today, the steady bass brought out the reggae origins of the band;

They are Hob regulars, you've had to put up with lots of entries about them here over the last year.


There was only really one local band who could do that last night justice; 'The Lagan', 'Celtic punks' from Kingston Town.

As usual when I'm having a lot of fun, my photos suffer.

You wouldn't know it from these pictures but there was an array of traditional instruments from the fiddle to the mandolin and a range of whistles too.

And drums;

It was a fabulous last night for a really great you can see;

My thanks go to Ally Garnett who booked the bands and put together all those amazing nights.

To Paul Mundy who was the sound engineer throughout and made an 'L-shaped' old pub, with funny corners and nooks, sound so good.

And to Jenson Nightingale who made it possible, tip-toeing gingerly through a financial minefield and surviving for longer than anyone else would have managed.

In the words of Ronnie Scott; "How do you make a million running a Jazz Club?"

"Start with Two Million!"

What a laugh we all had;

And now, it's really, really sad. The pub will re-open as something else and knowing Jenson it will be something special but it won't be The Hob.

There are countless brilliant young bands who won't find a stage to start out on. On Saturday there were more than a few local musicians in the audience paying tribute to the chances they got at The Hob.

And where ever else could you go to hear Punk, Ska, Techno, Indie, Alternative, the many kinds of Metal (don't ask) and hardly a cover to be heard. 

And on a personal note, it will leave a hole in my evenings that I will never be able to fill. tribute to the toilets.

Be afraid....... be very afraid!

Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)


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