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It just gets better and better as this New York Post article shows;

The Knicks’ adviser who pushed for Langston Galloway

By Marc Berman

January 21, 2015

PHILADELPHIA — Credit Phil Jackson’s top adviser, Clarence Gaines Jr., forplaying a part in “Langsanity.’’


According to a source, Gaines, the only front-office personnel man Jackson has hired to date, was the top supporter for bringing new combo guard Langston Galloway into the fold after he went undrafted in June out of little St. Joseph’s in Philadelphia.

Who knew Galloway could turn into a more promising Knicks rookie than Cleanthony Early, drafted at No. 34. Galloway, a live wire on both ends of the court in five games, is averaging 12 points in 25 minutes.

The source said Gaines first saw Galloway at the Portsmouth, Va. pre-draft camp last spring. Gaines, the Bulls’ college scout when Jackson coached Chicago, has a knack for discovering guys who fit into Jackson’s team-player mold and has the president’s ear, according to the source.

Galloway will be back in the town where he played his college ball on Wednesday to face the Sixers as the new starting guard for the Knicks — turning into a bright light in a catastrophic season.

“It was a little disappointing [not being drafted],’’ said Galloway, coming off his career-high 21 points in the Knicks’ 99-92 victory Monday over New Orleans.

“At the same time, I took a day off and headed back to work to try to prove I belong in this league and was going to get to the league one day. I just got to work hard and continue to prove myself and grow as a player.’’


After Galloway went undrafted, the Knicks invited him to join their summer league team and he excelled in Las Vegas. It earned him an invitation to training camp but he got cut — lost in a numbers game behind point guards Shane Larkin, Pablo Prigioni and Jose Calderon. Galloway continued to impress Jackson/Gaines after picked up by the D-League Westchester Knicks that kept him in the triangle system.

“[Langston] has been what we thought he could be,’’ coach Derek Fisher said.

“Which is why we wanted him with our organization since this summer. Not just making shots but having the type of mindset you want to have on your team. For a young guy he’s tough-minded, not afraid to compete against the best.


He’s showing that.’’

Galloway patterned his game after Chauncey Billups. The Knicks coach won’t admit it but there are similarities between Fisher the player and Galloway.

“I heard people mention it to me,’’ Fisher said. “I’m very reluctant to get into comparisons. He’s got a very high ceiling.’’

Galloway, whom the Knicks signed two weeks ago, will have a cheering section Wednesday at Wachovia Center.

“It will be fun — a lot of my friends and family will be at the game,’’ Galloway said. “I’m excited to play in Philly again.’’

Langsanity? More like Langfever I think.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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