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When we were down at Weston Super mare about a month ago, we saw a fairly depressing 'Young Farmers Fun Day' which was drawing to a rather depressing close.

Nextdoor to it was an equally sad and depressing area all boarded up and neglected.

Now we's Banksy's theme park.....

Banksy is a Graffiti artist who has achieved worldwide recognition as a master of 'Stencil Graffiti'.

He's witty and  political and I've written posts complaining whenever one of his Graffiti pieces is chiselled off a wall by a chiselling landlord who wants to steal it from us so that he can sell it on to the international art market.

So now I'm trying to buy tickets and if I can't I'll be sat (if Robyn helps) outside hoping for a ticket.

Yesterday I watched my summer dribble down the drain as we struggled through an enormous rainstorm. It was so bad we went shopping a day early and then ended up sitting in the car park because it was raining too hard to get out.

At home, I idly went back on Banksy's site to find out by accident that there were extra tickets released.

That was great except that I don't buy things online.

So I'm fumbling around, staggering off to find my credit card, putting in the details, forgetting my phone number and bumbling around to find where I wrote it down.....and then the f%$£*!<> card needs some security number and I have no idea whether I ever had one.

While I was getting a new number the tickets sold out on me.

In case you wondered whether it's possible to have a temper tantrum with a broken back - yes you can.


The air turned blue. 

I'm not going to give up and if you are lucky enough to get tickets you may well see someone in the queue for tickets on the door on a folding chair with a back brace and a packet of sandwiches.


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