Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Of course - we had to go to Barry Island.

After our lightening one day tour of South Wales we headed down to the coast and there was only one place to finish up at.

Well, we did drive around Cardiff and then stopped off at Penarth on top of the cliff walk; I was absolutely exhausted and I needed to do an injection.

We were amazed to be looking at a very distant Weston-Super-Mare on the opposite side of the Severn estuary; that's where we were a fortnight ago

After a rest, I headed for the only other place to finish off our day - Barry Island!

Barry Island is a little seaside resort mainly enjoyed by people from Cardiff with nothing much to say about itself - except it's where Stacey from 'Gavin and Stacey' lives!

And it's really nice - we wished we weren't going to have to go home;

We had fish and chips on the seafront.....and an ice cream as dusk fell. We wanted to come back.

Still there was time for plenty of silly pictures. This is where Gavin kisses Stacey when he jumps into his car after their first night together in London and races down to Barry to meet her again, just as she gets off Dave 'Coaches' Coach.


Here's Marco's Café and one of the many Amusement Arcades that claim to be where Nessa worked.

None of this is going to make any sense to you is it?

'Gavin and Stacey' was a charming sit-com that ran for a few years written by Ruth Jones and James Cordon about a boy and girl who work telephones for different branches of the same company - one comes from Essex, one from Wales. After endless conversations on the phone they decide to meet up in London and then they fall in love and find that they have a lot in common, really.

So we had to pose for a selfie where Gavin and Stacey kiss;

And then have a kiss - but we won't show you that, will we?

These last two pics are from Robyn's phone.
It felt like the 'holidays' were over when we came back.
It was an endless drive, including a break at services on the way back and (as usual) the M4 was closed so we got home really late.
Tired out and looking forward to all the tests and scans and other £$#@ that's coming up.
Still, this was a very special day.
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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