Thursday, 6 August 2015

Summer's lease etc.

Summer's almost over and the roses are ending. This series of pictures was taken by Robyn over a number of days -she wanted to capture a moment in time.

It's a 'Peace Rose', which I planted a long time ago;

They start off kind of yellowy-red;

And then gradually turn light yellow;

With a pink fringe;

Then they turn pink all over;

They smell nice too.

I've been wasting some time since I was up at the hospital.

I've also had a fair number of e-mails all telling me that I should spend the compensation money on having fun - I'd welcome any alternative suggestions.

Sadly, in the last few months, two of the charities I thought highly of have got into difficulties.

'Strummerville', a charity set up in memory of Joe Strummer of 'The Clash', lost it with me big time after they held a ridiculously expensive charity ball for the rich, famous and stupid to attend. They had got into financial difficulties after a disastrous venture into festivals went wrong.

Exactly the opposite of anything that Joe could possibly have wanted to be remembered for.

And 'Kids Company' which sought to help the most vulnerable children has just closed after a sustained campaign of vilification and smears in the press.

Any other charity would have been forced to have a change of chief executive, a new audit and would have received emergency funding in the meantime.

There was no hint of an intervention by The Charity Commissioners.

Kids company was high profile and effective - it criticised the failings of child protection. It also didn't see itself as an organisation that existed to employ people, it grew as fast as the problem.

And that problem was unending.

It was an embarrassment to the government because it highlighted the extent of the problem instead of hiding it.

Any financial problems (and what organisation doesn't mess up?) could have been easily solved.

So really, I've run out of ideas at the moment - and run out of time a little.

Your help would be appreciated.

Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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  1. The pain for so long, the stress, the agro with your ankle, you deserve the compensation and why not have fun with the money its yours, and as you have other problems with your heath have fun , fingers up to St Peters.