Saturday, 29 August 2015

Neil away with the Fairies.

We saw a 'Fairy Ring', up at Englefield; you often see strange circles in grass and over the centuries people have blamed them on Elves, Fairies, hobgoblins or.....whatever.

And they do say that if you stray into the circle terrible things happen to you.


This one was unusual because you can see what causes it too;

It's the trace left by a fungus as it grows out - eating up nutrients at the tip of its mycelium under the ground.

That leaves the soil infertile for grass so there's often a circle of bare ground, as there is here.

This time there's also a circle of toadstools, which are the fungal equivalent of flowers.

So no Fairies or Elves then.

Although, I didn't actually have time to jump into the ring.

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