Friday, 14 August 2015

Still just about moving with The Reggulaters down at The Horns.

It used to be me that dragged Robyn out - these days Robyn's doing the dragging.

We went to see 'The Reggulaters' at 'The Horns' down in Watford.

They were on cracking form - the second set was brilliant.
This is hardline Trojan Ska - 1969 pure and simple.

No nutty sound of 'Madness', no 'Two-Tone' (which I love) just Trojan.

Good strong bass line;

Fine Brass section;

Great keyboards....just a lot of fun;

Most of the old favourites are there but since I last saw them back in September, they've added a few more. There's more Reggae but they still did 'Return of Django', so that's alright.
I haven't been out that much recently - my music scene is dying a bit and venues have been closing this year.
The last time I was at 'The Horns' I had a walking frame with me. This time I was moving a bit - so much so that someone in a worse state than me (is that possible?) came up and said; "At least you're still moving a bit".
Which I guess is true.
And we left 'The Horns' at midnight, which isn't such a bad thing either.
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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