Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Stealing days at Whitstable.

After we left Margate we headed back to Whitstable - we were there last September when I got a fortnight's respite care - first break in years.

We didn't realise it back then but the season was over. This time it was full of people and everything was open.

I think I preferred it empty!

It is still a working fishing port;

Although not everyone was working when we were there;

There's a nice new toilet where I did my injection in the baby changing room. We both liked these tiles but when I tried to take a picture I got some very strange looks from people.

Robyn went back and took this later;

About 10 years ago, quiet little Whitstable got very fashionable amongst the rich London 'movers and shakers' and it shows; it's full of the kind of people (and their spoilt children) that I can't stand.

It's quaint and full of seafood;

We had a really nice fish and chips, right by the sea.

I didn't fancy it but Robyn had Oysters, which the town is famous for; 

It was a long, long day - we did it because it was going to be the only day it didn't rain that week.

We stole a day from a miserable rainy summer.

Robyn wanted to get me home but I managed to spin things out to get the sunset;

Which was well worth it;

I didn't really want to go back because our visit last year was so special but it was still nice.

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